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Valkyria Chronicles FINALLY on PC


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Ok, I am not a console gamer so this is not something I ever followed before.


I'm looking at the steam page for it and they're linking to the RPG/JRPG tags as well.  What is gameplay like here?  How does the strategy aspect enter gameplay?  I don't have any reservations about the RPG/JRPG tags or anything, this just impacts how deep a discount I am likely to look for when picking it up.

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I bought this game for $50 not including all the DLC's I also bought. It is $20 with all DLC.  I already got my $50 dollars worth. If they had $100 of DLC content I would of bought that also. Waiting for this to get discounted for a Steam sale is fine. But right now it is worth its price.


Gameplay. I'll try my best here, grammar and modern english are passe. There is no SRPG tag on steam. It is a squad based with two tanks(one comes later in storyline) strategy game like XCOM. The setting is an alternate history of WW2 with the equivalent of Russia being the Antagonist. There are 5 classes for your squad; Infantry(M1 garand), Assault(MP38), Engineer(medic/Supply), Lancer(anti-tank) and Sniper. The game is played from an over the top map with squad members shown as icons. Each turn you are given Command Points(CP). These are used to activate a squad member. When activated the game zooms into a behind the unit view. The unit has an action point bar this is depleted when moving. Once during your action at anytime you can fire your weapon or heal. When firing the game will then go FPS view. After all CP are used the opponent goes. In-between missions you can upgrade squad levels, improve weapons and tanks and so on and run on. Sadly the developer never implemented a Multiplayer option so every mission will be AI.

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Thanks, Frosty.  Never played anything like those and so even the comparisons in the reviews didn't help me understand what the actual gameplay would be.


Any estimates how long a scenario is?  Sounds like people are getting many hours of play out of it...  Is that multiple play-throughs or is this just one of those old titles where they actually bothered to spend time on content?

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