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Questions on 7th


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So a friend of mine at work says he wants to get together with me to throw down some smaller games with me. I suggested Heralds of Ruin Kill Team and he was all for it. Now the new Kill Team rules are set up for 7th and I don't have the 7th rule book yet so I was wondering outside of the Psychic Phase is there anything new rules for basic infantry models?


We won't be using any vehicles for now and want to stick to a budget and use what we have and we have 6th Ed.

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Here is a 7th ed cheat sheet, it will take you a long way:




*Edit: it's actually gotten better since that last time I linked to it, heh

Thank you very much.


Been awhile since I did any Kill Team but to be honest I do like it better than larger games. It pleases the Malifaux player in me.

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