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King of Cascadia - Bellevue, WA - Jan 3/4 - Last US masters Qualifier!


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Dimensional Cascade Podcast is proud to present


King of Cascadia, 2014


This 2-day GT will be held on January 3rd and 4th at the new Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA. It is a somewhat unusual event, in that it has two separate events running simultaneously within it.


King of Cascadia


This invitational pits the top eight ranked players in the Northwest region against each other for the coveted title of King of Cascadia. All eight of these players will have automatically qualified for a spot to represent the region in North Carolina at the US Masters in February.


Hero of Cascadia


This is the open portion of the GT, with the winner being named Hero of Cascadia and earning the 9th spot in the 10-person roster for the US Masters. There will also be prizes for top 3 in all categories (overall, general, sportsperson, hobbyist) as well as interesting prizes for other tournament related activities (most Dimensional Cascades for instance!).


Finally, the Hero of Cascadia portion of the GT is considered a Masters qualifier, and so the highest ranked player (not counting the nine who have already qualified) will win the 10th spot on the Masters squad.


Player Pack


Both tournaments will be using the US Masters Player Pack and FAQ. However, the one difference is that we will use Best Overall to decide the winner of both tournaments (not Best General).


List Submission Deadline


All lists must be submitted by Dec 21st, 2014 (which means you must buy your ticket by then too!). Why then? I will need time to validate everyone's Swedish score, and to give people the opportunity to correct any mistakes, all during the holiday season (which, when you have three kids, is quite the season).


Questions and comments welcomed! Tickets can be ordered at http://dimensionalcascade.com/KoC priced at $35 each.

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Pretty much every hotel and motel in Bellevue is good, because so many people come to visit Microsoft. If you can convince someone else to come with you, hotel costs shouldn't be too bad. If you don't find anyone else, let me know.

Think I'll get a ticket and just do it live! I'll let you know how my house hunting goes.

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Will people be there the evening before the event?

I'll be driving down from Vancouver and would love some pickup games the night before. Anyone who wants to smash hobby And beers let me know. Also anyone coming in from out of town who is looking to split accom or just make it cheaper for themselves let me know!

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