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Looking for old toys. Have:$$$ -warhammer


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I am looking for toys of yesteryear. I have recently been expanding my collections into a number of toy lines and am looking to buy or trade for collections.

Currently I am interested in any of the following:

Star Wars

GI Joe


Masters of the Universe










I am also looking for comic book collections and nintendo/Super Nintendo games and accessories. Lmk what you can part with.


I have cash and warhammer stuff to trade. Mostly fantasy, I do have a couple 40k items, but not a ton.

Thanks for Looking.

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Not what I meant. I try to complete my collection and if i could fill holes, that's what I would do. I am in no way looking for new in box. I like used figs. If you don't want to sell, that is your decision. I misunderstood the tone of your post as a lot of times, when I hear "played with" I picture broken figures with tons of paint wear. That's my bad. I am trying to find some stuff for me, as well as a buddy who sold his collection a while ago and is regretting it. Let me know if you still are willing to deal. No hard feelings if not.

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