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HoR Kill Team


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So right now I have a work buddy that is interested in learning Kill Team and I got him interested in Heralds of Ruin for the rules. We both have 6th Ed BRB but are working on getting a 7th ed book in Dec. Till then I am compiling the rule differences for me and him so when we do get the new BRB we will have it right.


To start with he will be running Dark Eldar and I will be running Dark Angels but we both like the idea of trying new armies that only require a handful of models. I personally like Tempestus Militarum, CSM and Orcs. My friend will be working on DE and DA when I get him some of my spare models. (I have about 1.5K points worth of infantry models of all sorts of spares.)


I will be trying to log our experiences here as a blog of sorts and answer any questions you might have.


Until my first game have fun throwing dice.

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