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Crazy Lizzie Ideas?

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OK, here is the list I have worked up.  Ideas?  How should I kit out the characters?  What Lores?


Slaan (BSB and General)

3xSkink Chieftan on Ripper

3xSkink Priest

46 Suarus w/full command

3x10 Skink Skirms

2 Stegs





That leaves me with about 300 points to play with in kit, etc.  The Swiss system puts this right in the 9-10 point range which is excellent.

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If you want to shut down fliers or solo beefed up things, I would suggest heavens because of the lore attribute.  If you want to scare armies with lots of ranked up units, I would still suggest Heavens because of The Comet.  I think Heavens would be great on the Slann and then stick beasts on the priests for multiple wysann's buffs.  2-3 wysann's on the saurus warriors and they are hard to deal with for anyone.

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Never played with chieftains so I can't offer much there. Charmed shield is always good for a character flying off by his onesy. Otherwise I'd start with spear, shield, light armor and spice to taste when you see what points you've got left.


Priests are easy. One with dispel scroll, one with Cube of Darkness. If you take a lore with a lot of magic missiles with you're slann, you might consider the cloak of feathers on one. Have him run one flank, and the trog on the other to spread out your mobile magic conduits.


For the slann, perhaps lore of light? It suffers no comp hit and synergizes with lizzies pretty well. It's got buffs to both WS and initiative which obviously help suarus out tremendously.


If you have some comp to play with, a death slann with Channeling Staff and Harmonic Convergence offers a never-ending magic phase.


Otherwise life slann is solid because throne of vines protects an extremely expensive and important toad. Beware the Cube of Darkness with this combo though, because it does end ALL remains in play spells, so it'll make your throne vineless on a 2+.


Otherwise I'd go with Wandering Deliberations over Focus of Mastery. WD is nice because it's 8 spells with generally low casting costs which means you can throw 1-3 dice at them and not worry so much about your Slann going nuclear. Focus of Mastery is cool because it also gives you 8 spells, but I don't think they're ALL worth having every battle. If you want Lore of Life, and it is a solid, versatile Lore, I'd rather just roll it up and save the 35 points.


As far as the list goes, one thing I'd recommend is getting a durable scar-vet or chieftan to accept challenges for your slann. As it is, you're one champion away from having to choose between getting your slann locked and killed in a challenge, or refusing and your huge block loses its Ld 9 and its BSB in one cowardly act.


Something like Armor of Destiny, Great Weapon, Cold One. Offers a 1+/4++ hero to keep fighty characters honest.


When are you gonna submit this anyway? Tournament is this saturday!

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