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Rules question on Chariots and Characters

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  Havent ran this setup yet but would like to try it,


 Now reading up on character rules it says they become the unit type Chariot but yet the Chariot follows all the rules of a ridden monster.


  Does that mean that if the unit is shot at is randomizes shots as per ridden monsters as in the 1-4 hits chariot 5-6 hits character?


 And does the character use the armor,toughness and wounds of the chariot until the chariot dies?..then he gets dismounted?


 Or do the randomized hits that go on the character use his own stats?


  Its a bit confusing to me as it also indicates that the character can die while mounted leaving the Chariot  or he can have the Chariot knocked out from under him.



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Just think of the chariot like a monster while the character is on it.  It has it's own profile, armor save, and special rules.  The rider gets the +1 armor for being mounted, but uses his own profile in combat.  Attacks in combat can be directed against either the character or the chariot, so it is possible for them to be killed off of it, or have it killed from under them.


Shooting is randomized, 1-4 on the cart, 5-6 on the character.  Templates hit both.

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