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Mouse Guard Since Then


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So four years or so ago I picked up a fun looking game that I thought my son would like one day, he was four at the time, so I happened to pick up Mouse Guard RPG. A half year or so latter I got the Box Set for it for $69.99 which I thought was a total bargain. That got me into the comics and I follow up on where the story is from time to time. (The speed of the book release is soooooo slow it make you want to drive to Michigan and beat some sense into David.)


So I got curious today and went back to check out what was going on in the Mouse Guard world since it was discontinued in 2011 and there is rumor that there will be a second edition coming. Of course knowing the Author and Burning Wheel that might be a year or so away but still good news for others.


As for my Box Set its lowest starting price I could find was $270!!! What the HELL? :blink:


So yeah, I have a digital version too and my son and I can use that for playing with instead of the Books or Box Set contents. :happy:

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