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C: Inq - OSR Shenanigans


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So apparently they removed the one use only from orbital strikes in C: Inq at some point





It is rare for the Inquisition to fight without some form of orbital support craft. To ensure accurate orbital barrages, Inquisitors often carry an orbital strike relay to provide the fleet vessels with targeting data.

The bearer can call down an orbital strike in his Shooting phase. This counts as firing a ranged weapon with one of the profiles below. This does not prevent the Warlord and his unit from declaring a charge against the target unit that turn.


This only works for Karamazov though.

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Isn't the orbital strike based off the (now old) GK book? Theirs was never one-use. It just had more restrictions regarding it's firing. Karamazov negated most of those restrictions by being able to target friendlies without scattering. In truth, the ability is nice, but not all that impressive if you remember his costly 200pt tag. Much better off with Astra mechanized artillery for that cost.


I still miss the old Karamazov rules from the WH codex...

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It may have been, but I didn't notice it until now. Makes him almost usable.

It was, but the GK one would always scatter the full 2d6, without BS modifiers and using the arrow on the hit symbol. The GK one also required a model to be stationary to fire and, at the time, the wording on relentless didn't make the character exempt from this feature.


The big notable feature on the old GK one is that it isn't a barrage weapon. It "somehow" uses direct fire rules. So that super potent lance at S10 ap1 would still allow cover saves.

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