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Tonights Meetings Minutes (11/18/2014) The real thread

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Attendence: Dustin, Drake, Corey, Eli, Nathan, Loren, Duncan, Kacey, Aron, Kevin, Brad, Joey, Shaun, Kacey and Andy (late)


6:04        -Meeting Starts

                -Light initial discussion on odds and ends for the Ham Slamich

                -No x-wing tournament this moth


6:05 Shaun, much to the amazement of everyone puts a sock on Eli one handed.


6:06 Main Topic : Discussion on membership/ inclusivity

                -Corey mentions setting up games for the next Tuesday in person


6:09        - People make fun of Eli, It’s a sad minute


6:10        -Nathan mentions the bell curve trend in game’s popularity and playing, in example he uses infinity and all the work Joey put into repping it.

                -The idea of a double portal for Tuesday game night threads in our forum and Game Nights is discarded as too much of a hassle.


6:13 VOTE (12-0 with Corey Abstaining)

                -From now on post game night threads in Game Nights open forum

                -Make sure to include Bellingham, or Bellingham Warhamsters in the title

Note: As will be mentioned later but the sue of Bellingham Warhamsters in thread titles does appear on generic google searches.


6:15 – Also general reminder to include people, plan games in person and direct people to ordo


6:16 Main Topic: Do we open our forum?

                -Duncan asks how people know how to get access to our locked forum

                                -Jim directs him to a post in the Announcements forum about locked/restricted threads

                                -General consensus of maintaining forum privacy 9was not put to vote, blame Kevin)


6:18 Shaun reminds us that we have a domain name- Bwarhamsters

                -Renewal is in next November

                -He poses the idea of posting information about Tuesday game nights and how to get to ordo on this site as a middle man.


6:20 Brad nominates himself to put a URL on back rooms white board.


6:21 Aron mentions shirts

                -Jim is blamed for not giving Kacey the picture


6:22 Kevin is not willing to discuss shirt softness or robes.

                -Warhamster bathrobes for sleepovers and onsies are generally taken well

                -Nathan mentions looking local for shirt production but cost was the main issue.


6:26 Main Topic:  What to do about government

                -Duncan feels we don’t need more structure, just more organization of what we have.


6:26        -Kevin felt the quarterly meetings were lacking in participation, stuff to talk about and that it got in the way of gaming.


6:27        -The idea of more meetings =shorter meetings as issues don’t build up is brought up

                -There is mentions of the quarterly times being used more for a time where the president is always available to take note of issues/concerns/ideas


6:28        -Kacey mentions pre-set dates for meetings

                Vote (11-1 with Corey absataing,Eli accidently voting late for yay and ending up voting for nay)

                -This passes the creation of preset dates for the meetings


6:29        -Legal debate about what Eli can and can’t be told to do.

                -Kacey tells Eli to draw a weiner

6:30        -Joeys believes Hamsterizer is redundant

6:32        -Nathan draws something on the back board while Loren, Kacey and Corey say something probably super important

                -Loren mentions that when everyone takes it upon themselves to do the government roles jobs it does polarize their positions


6:33        -The Hamsterizer is there for a similar role as Ordo Chaplain, a neutral person.

                -gives us a known person to direct people too

                -a third vote on the government (President and Treasurer being the other two)


6:35        -Silent appreciation by some of Nathans Hamster drawing in the back

                -Aron suggests trashing hamserizer and creating a new role (called VP ) to shake the stigma associated with hamsterizer and erase confusion.


6:36        -Jim mentions just leveraging the roles instead of new government

                -Corey mentions that a Hamsterizer was needed when it was created


6:37        -Loren mentions it defeats the purpose of having monthly tournaments if no one participates.

                -people try and make Eli draw a weiner again (luckily it never went to vote)


6:38        -Aron mentions the need to cross-pollinate with other clubs by attending events AND hosting them too.

                -Jim mentions attending others events has shown increases in their attendance of our events.

                -Loren states that being seen together and attending events together is what makes us a club

                -At least attend mugu and vacouver events


6:41        -Brad yells at the wrong Eli to run

-VP’s job could be helping encourage cross-pollunation


6:42        -Its mentioned we all need to post about tournements we know about and are interested in attending because one person can’t know about all events (Corey seconded this)

                -Brad mentions our unique meta and we have to be careful and mention it to people who come here


6:44        -Nathan mentions a stickied thread about upcoming events

                -People make fun of Eli for mentioning it first.


6:45 Duncans a momma’s boy….well at least he likes attending their events.


6:46        -Brad mentions his dark, mysterious past and not being allowed to go to Pullman

                -Aron insults Jim, on purpose and with malice, and Malifaux


6:48        Vote (12-0 Corey abstaining) resulting in

                -Removal of Hamsesterizer and ambassador, Joey’s execution pending

                -Loren has to strip

                -Eli has to draw a weiner

                -Creation of a new role (VP)


10 minute recess as Loren earns enough to buy a glotkin or two


6:50        Vote (12-0 Corey abstaining) resulting in

                -Government is to present an outline of VP’s responsibilities, role before December meeting


6:51        -December meeting will be 9th or 16th (Pending Poll)


6:52        -3 2=9 math, there ya go Brad

                -Nathan asks about having mods for just our forum

                                -Jim mentions mods are site wide.

                -Duncan mentions his swear words are not always censored

                -Everyone makes fun for Duncan for spelling bad words wrong

                -Brad mentions his straw band’s name is [big bad swear word]city’


6:54        -Don’t freak out if you get an email from Jim, he can send emails too


6:55        -Duncan is a beacon of hope

                -Reporting a post just flags it for admins

                -Kevin feels like its best we don’t put on label on what a warhamster is.


6:58        -Make sure those who don’t have access to the forum still get in the loops about stuff

                -New Guy (Dustin)mentions we aren’t super well known,which is obviously a lie since we are all super cool. Duh


7:00        -Ethan formally becomes a Warhamster and is bludgeoned by a bottle of wine in christening.


7:01        -“googoo ga goo ga” states Eli as Shaun carries him across the room


7:02        -Posts with Bellingham Warhamsters in title will appear on generic google searches

                -Nathan professes his poor internet skill


                -New kid (Dustin) proposes demo days or people bringing small armies normally for tester games


7:05        -Shaun mentions his mini-hammer event as an example while fending off Eli’s hands from his face

                -Kacey volunteers to run quarterly demo games


7:06        -Shaun leaves, carrying Eli with him


7:07        -Everyone is reminded to keep a path open for those who have left the group and might wanna rejoin , no one can be banned forever


7:08        -Except Shae, who is banned forever.

                -Nathan laments on his failed attempt to adopt Joey


7:09        -Meeting ends


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6:20 Brad nominates himself to put a URL on back rooms white board.


Did it.  Done.  Requisitioned Nathan to draw a gerbil.  It was done, close enough.  A shrunken URL exists.  I am reporting to the endless internet what was written on a whiteboard in the back of a game store.  Somehow my life has meaning.  You people who aren't reading this better appreciate the effort.


Also, goddamn, how did we not create the position of secretary and force Eli into bondage for that position forever?




Seriously though, that was pretty much accurate, except it left out all the parts of Eli (the eldest) being a fool, which is totally the prerogative of the fool who records history.


I mean honestly, we couldn't hope for better note taking than that.  Good job, Eli (you fool).

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I congratulate and encourage all you to keep organizing.  As a person who was there when OF began it is tough and really hard to organize the cats, but the results are worth it in the end (or will be when we see what the end looks like :ph34r: ).  Keep up the good work and again if you guys ever want some advice or just a nice slap on the ass, the OF senate is always around and willing to help out.  


Good work!!

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This is probably the most disgustingly written piece of rot garbage that I have ever had the displeasure to read.


Calm down just kidding. Don't get your skid marked underwear in a bunch. Eli awesomely written well done. I also second Eli the Elder as secretary. However in the famous words of a one Han Solo, "Don't get cocky kid". Those December minutes better be equally fascinating to read.


Too bad I couldn't be there guys, phoenix blows per usual. It is nice to see the club take some action and make some change. Lets keep it up.

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