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WYSIWYG question


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Pretty simple, can I field a chaplain as my chapter master?


As long as it doesn't go against the fluff, can I use a chaplain model to represent my chapter master model without breaking WYSIWYG?


For comparison, I would be very fluffy to have a IH chapter master which was also a techmarine.

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As long as his gear is modeled appropriately, or closely enough, or told about a proxy beforehand, I doubt anyone will care.

My question is, would it be a proxy? I mean if the chaplain leads the chapter, the model would be both a chaplain and a chapter master, so using either set of rules should be a legal choice, right?


EDIT: I wouldn't be introducing it as my chaplain chapter master or as a chaplain, if that's what you mean. I'd say this is my chapter master.

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