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Leviathan formations


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A couple of these new formations look really, really, neat.  In particular I like



Formation has infiltrate, and anytimes  unit is destroyed, on a 4+ it comes back in ongoing reserves.

3 Mucolid Spore Clusters
3 Spore Mine Clusters




Hyptertoxic Node

Poisoned models gain the instant death rule on a roll of a 6, and Toxicrenes gain instant death on a 5 or 6. also the Hive Tyrant has Toxic Miasma and all tyrants within 12" can use Toxic Miasma each turn.

1 Hive tyrant
1 toxicrene
3 Venomthropes


It's unfortunate that more tournaments don't allow multiple formations; a lot of tournaments I've been seeing are 0-1.  It would be really cool to run Sporefield and Hypertoxic together.  You could theme an army nicely around that.  In any event, I'll definitely be running one of these in the future, to try them out.

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SkyTyrant is far and away my favorite. Makes a Combat Flyrant really viable, which at least gets away from all Dakka Flyrant, all the time. Plus I love anything that lets me take more Gargoyles outside the FOC, because there are a lot of Nid FA options I really like.


Spore Field is cool in RAW environments, but in places that limit you to two Detachments, I don't feel like it's good enough to take over a SkyTyrant, Skyblight, or LAN.


Hypertoxic Node is OK, but I find the requirement of three individual Venomthropes kind of obnoxious. Also, it bugs me because the fluff says that the purpose of the Formation is to take on Super-Heavy Vehicles and Titans, and it does absolutely nothing to help against those :P


The Maleceptor one is just bad. Hideously expensive for a fairly minor buff on mediocre-terrible Units.

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