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So nobody has daemons. How about space marine bikes?

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I'll take Csm or SM. Attack bikes, regular bikes , characters on bikes.


Here is what I have to trade:


Cash. Will only buy for very cheap. And I do mean VERY.


40k Competitive lessons. I'll help you win GT level games!


(Pics of Painted models provided on request)




9x Pro Painted Obliterators

10x Painted Bloodletters (Metal Axe Version, much cooler imo)

Old School Bloodletter command NIB (very rare)

6x Pro Painted Blood Crushers (Chaos Space Marine riders w/ power fists, various weapons, can be counts as thunder wolves for the marines below)




10x new Kabalite Warriors NoS

8-10x Sprues of Previous Editions Kabalite Warriors

3x Metal Kabalite Warrior with Dark Lance

1x Dark Lance Bit (metal)




1x Captain Tycho NIB

20x or so Painted, Converted Marines (My own Red Templars Chapter. Very nice conversions out of chaos warrior, BA, SW, bits)

2x Flamestorm Cannon bits

1x Rhino (painted)

1x Older Model Rhino (Painted)

GK Storm Bolter Arms




9x Warriors

Warrior torsos, legs, etc

Bits for all size bugs



CSM Codex

Necron Codex

Chaos Daemon Codex

IG Heavy Weapon Bits

Metal Warhammer Egrimm Van Horstmann on Dragon (missing wings)

Wood Elf Dryad bits

Fantasy zombie/skeleton bits

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I have a tray of bikes i keep thinking I'll do something with but who am I kidding? (I don't like bikes). I'd be interested in the nid warriors and bits. I'll bring what I have Tuesday.

Cool. I'll bring in the nid stuff.


I have night shift this coming Tuesday. I can do the following Tuesday. I will also be in the store for a 40k game Saturday.

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