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Mordheim pre-release just went on sale on Steam

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I played the tutorials and a skirmish last night.  They've made some interesting choices with the game.  Its clearly aimed at a console release, all the controls in the game list the keyboard/mouse command and the controller command.  Instead of having hexes or anything like that you have circles that you can move in freely.  If you leave one circle you use up a strategy point, as does jumping or climbing.  Fighting is mostly a matter of choosing the attack you want and then telling the character you're controlling to attack, which uses up an amount of action points.


Its been years since I've played Mordheim on a table but the turn order is different.  Everyone  goes in initiative order, so you're not waiting for the entire other team to move.  The game is much less a straight port of the tabletop game to computer than it is an adaptation.  Right now I think its going to be pretty good but we'll see how it pans out when they get more content into the game.

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I have to say that while it's incredibly buggy, the Space Hulk Computer port was amazing.  The same game with no setup or tear down, and if I remember, there's a mission generator in the works?


Hells to the yes.


I've been meaning to download this, as I have a code for it and Tome.  Sadly, I don't think I'll be playing the latter too much because I'm too focused on Heroes of the Storm.

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Looking forward to seeing what people think. I watched the game play video, and I am curious, but not convinced. I hope it's good! I loved Mordheim, and I loved playing X-com, so theoretically, I'd love a turn-based Mordheim PC game.


Anyone who has it, how are the camera controls? In the play video, it was very up-close, and I'd prefer a bit more of a board-game style overview.


Is there a fog of war?

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i have played it.  fog of war exists.  its clunky, but that is expected on a pre-beta.  very limited on wha tyou can do.  basically the tutorial and skirmishes unless you want to play on-line.....not my bag.  it is adaptation.  it is turned based but by individual models, not player.  also, you have very low chance of taking a person out with 1 shot.  all characters have hit points so usually 2-3 hits at least to take one down.

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