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Bellingham Slamwich!

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We already know that the Warhamster are quality players and all around human beings but we now know for sure that they can also pull of an excellent tournament.  I had 3 terrific games of Warhammer against 3 fun opponents at a tournament that seemed to go without a hitch.  I'm sure that there was stress behind the scenes but the plays the thing and that was smooth as silk.


Thanks everyone!!!

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Thanks so much to everyone who made it such a fun day! The major reason events in the Pacific NW are so universally fun is because the players are so fricken awesome. really glad I got to play, and man alive do I have a lot of practice to get in before I can get halfway decent at this game again! I'll have results posted within the next few days. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun day.


@Chris - I meant to catch up with you at some point to ask, but... Did you do your own bases and movement trays, or were those from another company? The rock textures were great, but the fact that they carried over onto the movement tray was absolutely aces!

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Wow. Those are some of the best bases I've seen, with very reasonable prices. The matching movement trays put them pretty over the top.

Yes, I agree.  I used the battlefield debri for the majority of my Dwarf army and I used the dead giant for my rangers.  Those are some very good quality bases and the selection is rather nice.

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