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Charge reactions from multiple charges question

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ok guys, so I have a question regarding charge reactions that came up in the slamwich. the example was I had a unit of halberdiers that had held against a charge against a unit of ironguts. The stonehorn then declared a charge against the same unit and I decided to flee. The stone horn then gets a chance to redirect. The question is whether the first unit of ironguts gets a chance to redirect. my interpretation was that when you declare charges you do it by unit. When a unit finishes declaring its charges, you move onto another unit and it does not get to later change its reaction.


Can someone confirm or deny this. We had the T.O. come over and confirm it but while looking back the rules are a little ambiguous. (typical gw) 

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Quotes now. Pretty clear, I think. Page 16 gives the order in the sidebar. Unit by unit - i. declare charge, ii. resolve charge reaction, iii. back to step i., iv. move chargers.


Page 18 describes that you get a new charge reaction every new charge that is declared under the "There's too many of them!" rule. These clearly happen under step ii for each charge. There are no caveats, save for that once you start fleeing, you have to continue to flee in subsequent reactions. Redirect is clearly listed in the rules under the "charge reaction" section. Using the charge reaction summary, what happens should be:


i. Ironguts declare charge

ii. Halberdiers react hold

iii. On to next unit


i. Stonehorn declares charge

ii. Halberdiers declare flee, Stonehorn can test to redirect. Ironguts can't because they've already resolved their charge reaction in the previous step ii and it's on to step iii.


Again, this is because the charge actions are unit-by-unit, and redirecting is clearly listed as part of the charge reaction subphase. The Ironguts don't get to redirect because they've already resolved their step ii.

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Gotcha - there it is!



Q: If multiple units have declared a charge against a unit that has chosen a Flee! Charge response, can they all attempt to redirect their charge if there is another viable target in range? (p18)
A: Yes. The controlling player chooses in which order to try and redirect his charging units.
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