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H: Water Theme Eldar W: $, Wii U, PS4, XBox One


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Hey Ordo - taking offers on my latest wave-theme Eldar project.  Just hit a wall in painting and decided to see if someone else wants to grab them.

I can finish painting the wave-blue parts of the jetbike, War Walkers, Warp Spider backpacks and weapon platform if you want - you do the rest.  The white parts are easy, coat of Vallejo Cold Grey and then two thin coats of white.  I have a tutorial on my blog on how to paint the wave-theme parts and I might be able to paint some on commission for you in the future.


MSRP is approx $700 - I can do $450 local pickup, less if you don't want the rulebook/codex.  Want cash, Paypal, Wii U, PS4 or XBox One console/games/controllers.




Anyway - here we go:


Farseer/Autarch on jetbike conversion (body base coated in dark grey since picture was taken)
Farseer w/spear, pointing.  Robes basecoated blue
Two Warlocks with witchblades, robes basecoated blue

Three Jetbikes, painted

Two Wave Serpents, painted.  Have another set of Scatter Lasers on the way in the mail, you'll need to paint them white and then the second one will be complete (or you can arm how you like).

Two Vyper conversions, twin linked Shuriken Cannons.

Seven Warp Spiders + Exarch - basecoated grey, backpacks will be painted.  Eight total.

Seven more Warp Spiders + Exarch - basecoated grey, backpacks will be painted.  Eight total.

Three War Walkers - basecoated grey, blue parts will be painted.  One has dual Star Cannons, one has Bright Lance and Scatter Laser, last has Star Cannon and Scatter Laser.  The Bright Lance will be glued back on.

Ten Guardians + Weapon Platform, painted.  Weapon platform has a Scatter Laser and blue parts will be painted.

Six Dire Avengers, basecoated blue w/black guns.

Six Fire Dragons, finecase, primed white.


-not pictured-

Wraithguard / Wraithblades new in box
Twenty two more Guardians, partially assembled, some lightly painted by someone else.
Ten Dire Avengers, new on sprue


Newest hardbound Eldar Codex, excellent condition
Mini 40K Rulebook, 7th Edition, excellent condition


Located near Seattle, WA. Buyer pays shipping.



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