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Bellingham Warhamsters - Tuesday 11/24


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So we're posting these here now, are we?


Maybe a light night on the heels of the Slamwich and Nathonicon, but who is coming out and wants to play something?  We're still a couple weeks out from the big Infinity drop.  People had mentioned maybe busting out some Dystopian Wars or Netrunner or X-Wing as usual?  I've been wanting to bust out this box of Earth Reborn, which is an amazing few-character skirmish game, it just takes a long time to set up.  I'd be up for whatever.

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Ave Corey, are we still on for that team game at 5:30 to 6:00 ish?


Perhaps my reply in the other thread got washed over by the Sunday game plans.

Yes sir that is the plan! Cliff has Marines and knows to make a list of 1k and 2k, Dustin only has 1k, I'll have both a 1k and 2k.


So we could totally do pairs. Dustin had nids.

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Cars and carnage everywhere!


No D20 should roll that many 1's ever and not be put out to pasture (protip: Duncan bought another and put it out to pasture, but we insisted it stay for more carnage.  It provided).


I am accepting nominations for naming that die.  I start the bidding at M7PfqEX.gifHelbaal.M7PfqEX.gif

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