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Dark Elves with a Swedish Comp of 13

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Ok, I am trying to work on a Dark Elf list with a comp score higher than 10.  If I did my math correctly, this list comps at a 12.7.  I have a lot of work to do, before I could field this army, but here's the result:


Dreadlord w/heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak, giant blade dragonhelm, dawnstone


Supreme Sorceress w/lore of beasts, level 4, staff of sorcery, talisman of preservation


Sorceress w/lore of metal, level 2, dispel scroll


Master w/bsb, heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak trickster's helm


Master w/heavy armour, shield, sea dragon cloak, obsidian amulet, potion of srength


Khainite Assassin w/dark venom, sword of anti-heroes


5 Dark Riders w/musician, shields, repeater crossbows


28 Black Ark Corsairs w/full command, additional hand weapons


19 Darkshards w/musician, standard bearer, banner of eternal flame, shields


24 Executioners w/full command, razor standard


Reaper Bolt Thrower


Reaper Bolt Thrower


Reaper Bolt Thrower


5 Harpies


Comp Rating: 12.4

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I volunteer as tribute.


But seriously, it looks like a fun list. I've always like infantry (no duh) and the heavens choice intrigues me. The double MR tokens should make those units pretty tough to kill for most armies without stone throwers. I feel like it might be overkill, and the 5++ may not be as useful as the 4++. But then again, you only have two units you really care about, and getting them across the table is your top priority.


We'll have to get a game in after the holidays (at least thanksgiving). And when I get a chance to tone down my list.

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couple things to save some quick points.  run a level 3 wizard.  you gain 10 points for the loss of the single level and spell and with 2 wizards your not going to cast out anyway.  trim models from the corsair unit.  don't forget that your characters take up space so if you want the block to be 30 strong you can remove the models where characters will be standing.  if you can drop to 28 models base instead of 30 you will save 3 more points.  also trading away the second fast cav unit for something else would be good, your paying 8 pts for it.


if it were me, id drop to 28 corsairs, switch to level 3, and drop the second dark rider unit.  this saves you 21 pts and doesn't change the effectiveness of anything.  thats a lot of points to spend on more infantry units, crossbowmen, monsters, warlocks, whatever.

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@Valourbound, yeah, the obsidian amulet may be overkill but I was thinking about how to make the unit survivable.  Outside of stonethrowers and shooting, I see a lot of direct damage spells coming into the infantry blocks.


@Djellum, good points there, I'll have to think about changing some things around.  I'll post the adjustments soon.  As far as the warlocks go, they've been a huge let down in my last 7 games.  I think I'm just going to shelf them for swedish comp events.  When I go back to them I'll take them 7 strong with some dark steed characters.  I rarely use the spells and find them under-performing in nearly every combat situation.

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Two options I would consider:


Beasts instead of heavens, wisen's is really good on your blocks as is savage beasts. The level 2 metal and either spear or curse still gives you an early magic phase and you'll have a strogner (imo) late magic phase.


Consider replacing sword of might with potion of strength. How many turns will he really be in combat most games? 3? would you rather them all at S5 or one turn at S7 and the rest S4?

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I like the idea of the sword of antiheroes on the assassin - makes charging any given unit scary.

Thanks, I figured that would be a good way to get more KB attacks on a character. It also gives me the option to protect him either unit and if I am able to buff the unit with beasts he'll benefit even more.


Thanks again for the great suggestions.

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