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1500 Point highlander Tourney In Everett, Dec 6

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Anyone want to go?  Highlander is a format where everything in the codex gets the unique rule, so you can only bring one.  The exception is troops, where you can bring another once all your troops are taken at least once... More after link...



Remember the bit in the meeting about visiting our neighbors?

Plus, the format of this event will force stupid un-balanced lists.  Only one of anything really knocks out spam lists!


What you think?

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Sounds like fun, but unfortunately I cannae make the trip. It did make me realize, however, that my Nurgle CSM fit the highlander rule. I hope folks go to this!


EDIT: Just re-read this. My Nurgle are totally not highlander, as I don't hae one of every other core. Is that like a rule just for Necrons?

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