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WHF Cheese Grater! Dice Age Games 1/31/2015


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The Cheese Grater is coming to Dice Age Games. Saturday January 31,2015. 10 A.M.


2800 points/ 3 games/ no comp


Named Characters are more than welcomed.


End Times is now in play( We will try and have some copies of those rules available at the shop)


Monsters from Storm of Magic or Monster Arcana are excepted, up to 300 points that go towards your rare slot. ( make sure you have stats for the monsters you pick from any of these books)


Armies must be painted and based/ minimum of 3 colors ( not including primer)


Have your lists emailed week prior to the event.


Fee is 25.00 GW product purchase. Raffle at the end of tournament

1 raffle ticket per 25.00

1 raffle ticket for best paint

1 raffle ticket for best general

1 raffle ticket for overall


We will have the 3 scenarios posted soon. Hope you can make it. I will be making a list of those you can commit to this date.

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Scenarios are going to be


Round 1. King of the hill



Terrain: Place one large hill in the center of the table. This is the hill the two armies will be fighting to possess.

Special Terrain: All Marshes are Khemri Quicksand (pg. 121). All Hills are the Temple of Skulls (pg. 118). Bonus Points:

• Each friendly unit on top of the hill at the end of the game is worth 1 bonus point.

• Each friendly hero on top of the hill at the end of the game is worth 1 bonus point.

• Each friendly standard, not including the BSB, on top of the hill is worth 1 bonus point.

• The side with the most models on top of the hill is awarded 3 bonus points.

• Bonus points for this scenario cap at 6.


Round 2. Reserves.


Set up: Each player can hold up 250 points in reserve.

Deployment: Divide each player's deployment zone into three equal sections. Before deploying each unit including characters, roll a D6. On a 1, the unit deploys on the right deployment zone, on a 2 the unit deploys in the center zone, on a 3 the unit deploys on the left zone, and on a 4-6, the controlling player may choose where the unit is deployed.

Special Rules: Starting on the second turn, any unit in reserve may come in on a 4+. The arriving unit is placed in the opposing army's deployment zone. If the unit does not arrive on turn two, it arrives in on turn three on a 3+, or on turn four and subsequent turns on a 2+.

Terrain: All stony crags or rocky features are prone to rocks slides and thus are Sinister Statues (pg. 125). All hills are Scree Slopes (pg. 118).

Bonus Points:

• 1 bonus point is awarded for every destroyed enemy unit at the end of the game.

• Bonus points for this scenario cap at 5.



Round 3. Treasure hunt


Set up: Before deployment, place down a total of six coins. (Each Player places down three outside of their deployment zone).

Special Rules: During the game, to discover the coin, a unit must charge it, and then, dig it up during the combat phase. Roll a d6 on the score of a 1, the treasure is really a booby trap. If it’s a trap, place the hole of the large template under the center model in the first rank. The model under the hole suffers a S6 hit with no armor save and d3 wounds. Any other model touched by the template suffers a S3 hit with a -1 save. A unit can combat reform after picking up treasure.

If a unit holds the coin, they never willingly drop the treasure. They only destroy it if the unit is wiped out. If the unit runs off the table, they take the treasure with them! If a unit destroys a unit bearing treasure, they can pick up the treasure as if it was a standard.

Terrain: Each player picks piece of terrain anywhere on the table. The piece of terrain is cursed and counts as a Bane Stone (pg. 124).

Bonus Points:

• 1 bonus point for each piece of treasure a player holds at the end of the game.

• Treasure units fled off the table with do not count for scoring purposes.

• Bonus points for this scenario cap at 5.


Also civil war rules will be in effect if you end up matching with the same race. I will have copies of those rules for you to look at.

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So here is the current list of attendees. Roy would like to get at least 8 or more there. So if you can commit please say your coming. Roy is running this event I'm just getting it together for him. Also what army you plan on bringing.


1. Drak / VC


2. Andrew / Ogres


3. Fixxer / ?


4. Mexican Ninja/ Dark Elves


5. Mike / lizardmen


6. Don't panic/ Dwarfs


7. Romes/ legions of Chaos


8/ Classicflava/ lizardmen

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