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Need help with Necron Listy Stuff :-)

Guest Obscure Reference

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Guest Obscure Reference

Alright 40k friends, I need help. Haven't played in awhile, and have never played Necrons. My Mars Attacks kickstarter came in finally, and this is what I have. I really just want a 1000 pt list. Any help would be great.


Besides what is shown in the picture, I also have 20 Grunt Martians. Doesn't have to be a exact list, but suggestions on what each unit can be would help. :-)


Also, I'm not looking to play in any competitive events. I know that the Saucers are a bit small for the Necron flyers, but they are too cool not to use and since I'm not playing in any tournaments it should be fine. :-)



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A 1000pt list, huh? Okay, so 1 transcendent C'tan (you can use anything for this, I suggest a quarter machine toy). Then add two units of 10 warriors and a Lord of some sort. Oh, and then expect to win every game....

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It depends on how you want yer necrons to play.


As burk pointed out, they have answers for melee and damn good ones. Warscythes are still one of only two AP1 close combat weapons in the game - so you get that great +2 against vehicles and you cut through 2+ armor. Along with the MSS, necrons can rush if they want.


If you have fun shooting, go with a good mix of warriors and immortals. Between tesla and guass, you got yer anti infantry covered.


Ya got some good options with that army.

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