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Inquisition Psybolts


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Is it still possible to give psybolts to the vehicles from the Inquisition codex, my army builder says no but I cant find any faq about it?

That whole codex needs a massive rewrite.


Given that it's digital only, GW thinks it's reasonable to only update the digital content. So for those with either a printed codex, or a questionably acquired codex, there is no FAQ support. This can be particularly annoying as the opponent of such a player, as they may have a current codex, but might not.

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So it looks like I can still run a bunch of psybacks?

Actually, if just looking for psybacks, IA2 (second edition) allows you to take razorbacks (as GK dedicated transport) with actual TL psycannons for 85pts each. They call it a Vortimer Pattern Razorback.


Mind you, entry is a bit dated and references psybolt and the other GK upgrades, but doesn't actually include them. Shouldn't create issues if you want to field with your GK.

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I'm trying to find a use for my 8 well painted paybacks now that the new craptastic codex is out. Is the inquisition codex available in hard or paperback?

All digital, I'm afraid.


As for the GK codex, I've been reading it lately and I like the changes. All in all, a very impressive codex. That said, suffers classic GW issues, like how all the units/upgrades that were amazing before, are either gone or nerfed, while most of the really bad options from last edition are now pretty amazing.

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