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Bellingham Warhamsters - Tuesday 12/2


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OF COURSE you play Bolt Action, Eli. :) I should never even doubted it.


Nathan, you should totally play filler games with Brad first, so I can jump into the Mansions game after I play 40k. Just saying.


Look, I don't want to speak out of turn, but I think he might be right, man.  Jim is occasionally right (I'd say 23% of the time.  No...  21%.  No.... yeah.  20.7%.  Yeah. No...) and I do have a lot of filler games, by which of course people mean games that fill your life with the most satisfaction, which is basically what we want in this situation.  I promise Anubis, and he is invincible from the front, but otherwise weak to real lasers.  I swear I am bringing lasers.

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