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How to take down the Trans Ctan


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yeah thats retarded.  But thats the way some of the tournies are going.  The TO's MUST know how these games go by now right?


whatevah.  Good luck in any event if its one of THOSE.  My friend has kind of a nemesis he plays uber competitive type games with when hes in the mood for it and the Transcendent C'Tan is...  I mean...

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Hey guys have a 2k rtt coming up. What's the best way to handle the CT with SM ?

Very nasty unit to deal with. FW banned?


Okay, a few ways they can build the c'tan. Either it can hide with it's barrage, or it will come to you (with really nasty hellstorm templates and such).


The barrage version is by far the most dangerous for SM. It's 6 large blasts at S7 ap3, all barraging the same general area with a 48" range. Really only two reliable defensive counters to this, AV14 and flyers. Big issue, though, is that the model is freakishly small, so it is very easilly hidden in terrain. Furthermore, it can upgrade for an 18" move that ignores terrain and models, so the sucker is very difficult to pin down and very easy to conceal in locations which should be impassable. On a AA note, the thing must take two weapons, the second of which can be a S8 assault 6d6 weapon with 48" of range, so not a great plan to rely on flight to keep you out of harms way.


The melee/close version is probably weaker, if only because he comes to you, which gives you more weapons in range. He has a nasty explosion when he dies, so chances are high that if they are fielding the close/melee version, it's on a suicide run.


Really, to cope with this guy, you need apocalypse formations. Without them, you really need to find the cheese in a codex.


The one I've been looking into is taking allied GK for brother captain Stern. He's 185, but has an iron halo, hammerhand and sanctuary stock. Attach to a TH/SS unit of terms and you can generate a unit with S10 melee and 2+/2++ saves. As a large squad, might work...Vanguard Vets can also work here, as every model can take a storm shield. Heavy reliance on passing psychic tests and armor saves.


DW Black Knights have melee potential against him with their smite mode, but only for that one round. Really, anything with a Storm sheild has decent odds here, since D weapons got nerfed to no longer automatically remove invulnerable saves.


As mentioned, the grav weapons have potential, given that he's got a 3+ armor, but you probably won't get a second shot and if he's too close, expect to lose most of the grav wielding units when he explodes.


You might considering going with dual grav pistols (might not be able to take pairs..), melta bombs, and storm shields on a pod/JP vanguard unit or two. Hugely expensive, debateably viable. Pistols can fire in pairs now, so you could pistol them with the grav, then assault with the melta bombs (MBs work against them in assault, unwieldy, but about as viable as any other weapon).


Lascannons work too, as do conversion beamers at long range, and krak/stormstrike missiles have some effect too. You could still just try to play the odds with sniper scouts. 6s to wound, sure, but they are much cheaper than some of the other solutions.


I suppose you could kit up a character to take one one. C'tan has the same initiative as some of the characters (5), so you could design a character to bash it in at the same initative. Very difficult, but not impossible. Burning blade for +3S, add hammer hand via a GK attached character for +2 strength and you've got S9 striking at intiative equal to the c'tan. A chapter master has the same WS, so it boils down to rolls to hit and rolls to wound. Maybe a chappy and digital weapons for re-rolls to hit and a re-roll to wound.


There's probably a good psychic route to do this, too.

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Yeah FW is banned except for units from the Escalation book. It's sounding like podding in with Grav gun assault is the way to go.

Only if the C'tan doesn't have DS defenses up. Those "lesser" Ctan have access to some sort DS defense, I recall. They also have an annoying power that makes melta and flamer weapons explode, killing the bearer, might be 1s to hit.


The big danger is that due to a lack of FAQ, any of the Ctan can use the monolith portal...So if they start it in reserve, they can hose your DS turn 1 units. They still can't assault out it, but really, assault is the least scary part of the apoc Ctan.

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Remember that as a Gargantuan Creature, Poison and Sniper won't work on it (except on 6s.)


The Transcendent C'tan, even with the nerfs to Str D weapons, is one of the most broken things around. There's very few effective tools against it and virtually none if the Necron player gets to go first (such as via Imotekh.)

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Are they allowing multiple CADs (and with them, multiple LoWs)?


Remember that as a Gargantuan Creature, Poison and Sniper won't work on it (except on 6s.)


The Transcendent C'tan, even with the nerfs to Str D weapons, is one of the most broken things around. There's very few effective tools against it and virtually none if the Necron player gets to go first (such as via Imotekh.)

The big issue in planning against one is that it, and the rest of the necron codex, is pretty versatile in how they can field it.


Though, in defense of the necron player, the revenant is a way bigger threat to the Ctan. In general, D weapons will destroy it very quickly. The revenant can dish out 4 D blasts per turn and is highly unlikely to ever get stuck in combat. So, you might end up with the Ctan not being relied upon as much in list creation, which would indirectly help the SM players.


On the other hand, the revenant isn't even a threat to a SM flyer army, as it can only fire blasts and templates and is unlikely to desire melee.


The whole Escalation book is balanced with rock paper scissors type builds. You'd have an army that you know will either lose or win before the game starts.


I will note that if allowing multiple CADs with subsequent multiple LoWs, you might see some necron flyer armies with those Obelisks. The Obelisk isn't only cheap, but allows massive ability to dominate the skies for an army that already has great (and underpriced) flyer access. It's also a really nasty "objective holder" super heavy, as it starts on the table with a 3++ (which it can keep the entire game at the cost of not moving or shooting).

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