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BL Advent Calendar


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GW has posted their advent calendar for this year on the Black Library website. Last year we got Belakor and Cypher. What could we get this year?
You can read about it here


Every day up to and including Christmas Day we’ll add a new product to our digital products page. Sometimes it will be a new mission to play through, other days it might be a selection of wallpapers, a new dataslate or even a painting guide. There will also be a new short story or audio drama available to download, too. Head over to Black Library now to see what’s behind today’s advent window.
They are selling a subscription to all this year's advent releases here
December 1st: 


As Horus grinds the Imperium beneath his boot, emissaries from the XVIth Legion return to worlds sworn to the Warmaster during the Great Crusade to have them renew their fealty. With the Sons of Horus already at battle readiness over Sixty-Three Fourteen, a grim decision must be made...
December 2nd:


The Unrelenting Hunt contains new background and rules for the Strikeforce of Company Master Balthasar of the Dark Angels. This Dataslate is designed to be used alongside the Dark Angels miniatures included in the Dark Vengeance boxset, with a few additions in the form of more Terminators, bikers and the formidable air support of a Ravenwing flyer.



Unrelenting Hunt

1 Company Master, 1 Librarian, 1 Tactical Squad, 1 Deathwing Terminator Squad, 1 Unit of Deathwing Knights, 1 Ravenwing Attack Squadron, 1 Unit ofBlack Knights, 1 Dark Talon

Gives Relentless. Ugh. 

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via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
9th novel: A Son's Burden, Part of Shield of Baal
9th dataslate: Flesh Tearers, A Son's Burden. Can't tell exact nature.
10th novel: Vorax, in Horus Heresy font
10th DS: Leviathan Rising, the Collection
11th novel: Ursarkar Creed, Last Stop (unintelligible)
11th DS: Astra Militarum, Last Stop (unintelligible)
12th novel: Brethren, looks like audio
12th DS: Broodlord Painting Guide
13th novel: The Word of the Silent King, **About Necrons! Part of Shield of 
Baal!** (Silent King is most likely Szarekh, 
13th DS: Digital BA Datacards
14th Novel: None More Loyal, looks like Crimson Fists
14th DS: Looks like a painting guide for an "Iron Wolf", looks like a space 
wolf techmarine in terminator armor? No clue.

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via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
15th: Novel: Ahriman: Gates of Ruin
DS: Looks like another wallpaper pack, this time Xenos?

16th: Novel: Vengeful Honour
DS: Painting Guide for Brother Lamentarion

17th: Novel: I think it says "The Nature of Fear", Horus Heresy font
DS: Datacards: Space Wolves

18th: Novel: Herald of Sanguinous, Horus Heresy font, shaped like Audio
DS: Cryo-Storm, not sure what the nature of that is, missions?

19th: Novel: Holder of the Keys, might be Audio
DS: Dark Angels: Librarian Conclave, same cover photo as Holder of the Keys

20th: Novel: The Dread Sentinels of Dorn
DS: Mandrake painting guide

21st: Novel: LOSS: A Raven Guard Audio Drama
DS: Raven Guard: Loss, guessing that means missions from the Audio Drama

22nd:Novel: Brotherhood of the Moon(? I honestly can't say 100% what the last word is), Horus Heresy
DS: Datacards: White Scars (!?) (Is a White Scars Codex/Supplement on the way? I remember there was a rumor about a surprise codex.)

23rd: Novel: Forgotten! Looks like a picture of a Commissar on the cover
DS: Datacards: Grey Knights

24th: Novel: The Watcher (not 100% on this one either), Horus Heresy, looks like Audio
DS: Tactical Objective cards

25th: Novel: KHARN (can't tell what the subtitle is)
DS: Kharn's Butcherpack? (I'm 100% on Kharn's Butcher-, not sure what the rest of the word is)

Interesting stuff about the White Scars, I wonder if the 25th will herald a new model for Kharn like the Cypher re-release last year. 

As a side note, the Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight is showing up as "no longer available" on the GW Webstore.... 

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Unless I'm mistaken (totally possible ) the NDK is still up and buy able, at least on my end of things.


What are the data cards? Just the maelstrom objectives? Or something else?

DreadKnight shows up as in stock for me, too.


Data cards are the Maelstrom Objectives (a full set, not just replacements for the first 6) and the Faction-specific Psychic Cards or some equivalent. Dark Eldar got cards for their Combat Drugs, AM will get Order Cards when they get a set, etc.

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