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Selling my nids


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Shut up with the 'this should be on the rogue trader thread', this is a special warhamster only price


I have:

2 Hive Tyrants (one unassembled )


2 Lictors 

3 Tyrant guard 

5 or 6 Zoanthropes pewter


18 warriors

90 termagaunts

90 hormogaunts

many ripper swarms

60 - 70 genestealers

2 broodlords


2 Raveners

many spore mines

a handful of gargoyles


5 Carnifex

1 Mawlok/Trygon

1 Trygon


All for the low price of $250, I'm not interested in piecing it out, it is to be sold as a lot, and it is a lot


Let me know if you are interested


EDIT* Oh and bits, soooooooo many [big bad swear word]ing bitz

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