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FS: SM/DA LF: $$

von hammer

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I am looking at unloading my Deathwing/Dark Angels and Space Marines (Iron Hands paint job) armies so I can pursue another hobby that my nephew got me interested in. I wish I could post photos but my phone won't dumb down the resolution enough to post them. I can send them via txt or email if you PM me. I have:

2 5 man Deathwing Knights (1 fully painted, 1 basecoated)

3 DV sergeants

1 DV Assault cannon

1 plasma cannon termie

1 Apothecary termie

1 LC termie

1 TH/SS termie

1 HF termie

3 CF termies

7 SB/PF termies

4 vets with JP

4 vets

10 man DV Tactical Squad

1 DV librarian (partial paint)

1 Belial

1 LR Crusader

2 3 mam Dev. Cent squads (Grav cannons)

2 Stormtalon

5 Dreadnoughts

1 LR Crusader

1 Vanguard Squad (TH/SS)

1 Sternguard Squad

3 10 man Tact squads (2 squads with IH upgrades, 1 just primed)

1 sniper squad

1 Techmarine

1 TFC w/ Techmarine (primed)

1 Razorback

1 librarian

1 Captain

1 Lord of Execution

1 Stalker (primed)

1 Hunter (primed)

3 Drop pods (1 on sprue)

1 Land Speeder Storm (not painted)


I'm looking for $600 for the lot or can break up. If the item says otherwise, the item should be tabletop ready. Please pm me if your interested. Thanks for looking.

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