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End Times: Khaine


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Anyone need a copy? I was paranoid that Nathaniel wouldn't get any in, so I pre-ordered one from the Warstore in case one or the other came through. They both came through, so I have 2 copies. I can eBay it for $150 or so, but figured I'd offer it to a Warhamster first. I'd let it go at the retail I paid for it through DTG, which is $72 (66+ tax). Sherbert has first dibs if he wants it, but otherwise, I'd rather a Warhamster have it than not.


Partway through the fluff now, and they're painting the High and Dark elves in much more Moorcockian shades than I've seen before. Hints of Melnibone, rather than good guys and bad guys. Pretty cool stuff.

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Ah, but it's pronounced Melniboné. That's different because it sounds more French and therefore more .... Oh damn.


True story: the most widely used individually-administered measure of academic achievement used by psychologists is named after the two authors who created it, and is currently in its third edition. Psychologists have administered the Woodcock-Johnson III to countless American children.

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