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Lizardmen v Ogres Battle Report...First in several years

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First game of Fantasy in forever.  Pretty shocked at how much I had forgotten or that had become a dim memory as rules go.  But my opponent helped me stumble through it.

My opponent got first turn and chugged forward with his forces, having finished deploying first.

A Tower set in the center of the board while four patches of rough going formed the domino on the 4 x 4 board.  The Ogres were lined up near the middle and advanced as I mentioned.  His Feline Friends were on each flank and decided not to walk into my Oldbloods charge distance on my right and on my left his second Battle Kitty stayed out of my Salamanders range.  

For my part I deployed the two Salamander teams to the far left, while my Oldblood was to the far right.  the Saurus Warriors blocks touched at their very corners in a diagonal pattern.  They were to the left as well near the Salamanders.  As he had moved, I moved up as well but stayed out of his Battle Kittens charge range.  I wasn’t in range to shoot the Ogres.  the Saurus Warriors started to shift to the right, more to center.

Round 2

So his battle kittens moved up again in praparation to charge, while his Bulls and his Big Bad version of the bulls split up, one heading at a 45 degree angle towards my OldBlood, and the other unit startted to turn in order to try and sweep around the obstructing tower.  The Wizard used a magic item to fireball the Salamander (note to self:  are Salamanders immune to fire?  hmm…  Must look this up!)

The Salamanders ate some of their Skink Handlers because:  Salamanders.   Meanwhile the Saurus Warriors double moved in order to now form a triangle with the Salamanders and each other to the left of the tower. A Triangle into which the Ogres would have to charge into…  Meanwhile, the brave OldBlood charged and killed the Battle Kitten to the right.

Round 3

The Battle Kitten to the left charged and killed the first Salamander and its lone hapless Skink, stopping short of the second.  The Bulls heading towards the OldBlood Charged but he fell back and escaped them shifting them further to my right.  The Wizard and his friends charged the Saurus Warriors and did serious damage, killing 7 Saurus Warriors on the charge, but the Saurus Warriors were vicious and tore the Bulls apart and ran them down!

The Saurus Warriors began moving around the tower to catch up as did the Salamanders, getting behind the line of the enemy bulls.  The Oldblood kept running.  Ruh roh.

Round 4:
The remaining unit of Ogres, leaderless, stomped onward to chase after the Oldblood.

The Saurus Warriors and the Salamanders tried to catch up behind them but the tower was slwoing things down.  

The Salamander ate more skinks.  So.  yeah.  Really productive Salamanders.  Lol.  On the positive side, the Oldblood realized that running was not getting him anywhere and he regrouped.

Round 5
Ogres Moved up.

The Old blood charged into the Ogres side arc, did 3 Impact hits and a total of 7 unsaved wounds when it was all said and done.  He ran the last of the Ogres into the ground personally.

Lustria is safe once more.  For whom, only the Slaan know.

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