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Secret Santa Gift Exchange?

Dark Severance

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In the spirit of Christmas, this is probably too late for something to be done here this year unfortunately, but on another gaming forum they do a Secret Santa gift exchange. The exchange usually happens between members in the same region but since the other forum is worldwide there are some that go international. This is mostly a NW forum then exchanging is a bit easier.
I was curious if this is something that would interest anyone. Unfortunately like I said probably a bit too late to do one this year but the whole process works something like this...
1. By participating in this you are agreeing to package and post a 'grab bag' of assorted bits, with a minimum weight of 200g, to a fellow member in time for Christmas.
Note: 200g refers to all plastic/resin(non metal) bits without any sprue. And is really only meant as a general guide as the least you should be sending so everyone gets at least that back. Bonus points for creative packaging!
2. If you wish to participate, add your name to this thread by 24th November and send a private message to "whoever is the mediator/santa's helper" with the title 'Secret Santa' enclosing your full address.
Note: If you would like a recipient within your own geographic location then request it in the private message. I can't promise anything but I'll do my damnest to avoid anyone being landed with huge postage costs they don't want.
3. Have you written your letter to Santa yet? Feel free to post some requests in this thread and/or send them to me with your address. This can really help Santa figure out what sort of bits interest you or what forces you collect.
4. Between the 24th November and 1st December names will be drawn from a Santa Hat and your target recipient will be private messaged to you.
5. Send your Elves off to deliver your Secret Santa Sack well before last post to make sure it arrives in plenty of time.
A) When you have opened your present remember to come back and thank Santa, who knows, maybe they'll pull down that beard and reveal their true identity to you!
B) Photographs of your swag are always well received by hungry eyes so don't hesitate to snap and post.
C) Assembling some of the bits you have received into a conversion of sorts is something a few people like to do and is again something everyone would be happy to see posted here after Christmas.
Those participating would normally post an example of what they are working on and interests like this:

I'm working on a Chaos Renegades and Heretics army at the moment, which is handy as it requires tons of bits and conversions! So...


- anything in a robe - cultists of any sort, flagellants, wizards, men at arms, tallarns, etc. Robes mean you're evil, right?

- bits for mutants - mutations, beastman bits, Ogryn bits, big arms, mutant weirdness
- IG bits, particularly Leman Russ sides and chimera turrets, and regular cadian arms, but any bits are useful for conversions
- chaos spiky bits, accessories, chains
- slaaneshy bits
Marine/imperial stuff is always useful. My other in-progress armies are Arbites/Inquiitorial and Heresy-era White Scars so anything will fit.
I'm also up for trying out a new skirmish system, so non-GW stuff welcome


Once the names are picked, they are all sent via PM and the Secret Santas can look at the list to see what they have they could send. Usually we all have a bunch of extra bits laying around so it just seem like an interesting and fun activity. 
Some examples of secret santa gifts sent previously through the Secret Sanata exchange:





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I'd be down for a hero/champion/bad-ass exchange.

It could be fun to stretch some unused hobby muscles. For example, I play Nurgle Guard and Orks. Rust and grime are my jam. Converting and painting a pristine Ultramarines Captain for someone else sounds like a ton of fun. Plus with it only being a single model, people could be done relatively quickly.

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