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US Masters: Regional Representative election

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I'm currently the regional representative for the Pacific Northwest at the US Masters. This is a post that is held for two years, and I got the job for two reasons: I asked for it, and I co-host a podcast :-) At the time, the Masters was still fairly nascent, so an appointment was necessary. This year will likely see the enactment of a charter for the Masters. Part of that charter includes the election of regional representatives and their adviser (that role is currently held by Dale Johnson of Chumphammer fame).


So, I'd like to take nominations for regional representative for the PNW, for the years 2016-2017. Why now? Because that person will be able to 'shadow' during the 2015 year and learn everything that needs to be learned in order to perform the role.


Once I have all the nominations, I will post up all the candidates along with their hobby resumes. Anyone who has participated in a 2014 Masters event will be eligible to vote. This restriction is in place so that the people who are electing the representative have proven that they have a vested interest in making a good choice, and that they are active in the tournament scene in the PNW.


If you are interested in representing the region, please let me know via PM (you can also post in the thread, but I can use PM to keep track more easily). Nominations will close at the end of the year. The person who receives the highest number of votes will become the representative, with the second highest becoming the adviser. Please only nominate yourself, so that I know that all nominees are willing to take on the role should they win.




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Good question! I guess I shoulda answered that one.


You vote on any referendum that is submitted to the committee. So for example, this year I voted on things like comp, number of games in the event, whether hills should block line of sight, whether paint points should be included in national champion award, and so forth. You also are responsible for team selection, which must be based on the results of at least 4 tournaments in the region. So this year I set up the ranking system that we are using, and I'm currently working on revising it for next year (because we have a lot more events in the region next year!).


The adviser does literally that - gives advice on the same topics.


Hope that helps!


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