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Game Night Sunday 12/14 @ WOW


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I kind of want to play with the new magic rules.

But with dispelling stopping the spam, if only in the interest of time.

I will bring ET:Khaine then.


Couple suggestions, bring at least one lvl 4. Last game I played was with Peanut and he didn't have one and his dispelling ability was hampered baddly. Also don't expect to get off the high casting value spells often if at all. So learn to love the lower casting spells. Add in any item that can help you cast (warpstone?) and you're good to go.

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Well let's just plan it's happening since there was no notice otherwise.


So unless otherwise changed by Raindog should we say 2.5k ET lists (unless your opponent doesn't want to run the ET magic) to do some more test games with the magic.


(Ironically O&G Lores are fantastic for this becuase of the low casting values of the majority of their spells. Dark Magic on the other hand is way more difficult and will need the Sacrificial Dagger to have a decent chance.)

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