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Forces of War army builder now live


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Jesse - there's been a lot of discussion on this over at the BF main page... key things to remember:


1)  $1/book was ridiculously cheap and was unsustainable.  Greg couldn't even run the servers on that.

2)  EA got to use BF IP for free because EA was essentially a beta test of what Battlefront wanted to do for an online list system

3)  Forces of war is, quite frankly, EA... the same guy (Greg) is doing the coding...

4)  Going forward buying the hard copy of the book and then all of the lists on EA will be cheaper than the same book was in previous years by a couple of bucks ($30 books are now $20, $50 books are now $30).  


... and what Zeke said... ;)


... although I tend to use Excel for my lists...

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