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PBEM Soccer Management League


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I don't think that I have mentioned this here before but since we have a bunch of geeks I thought that someone might be interested.  I've been playing in a PBEM soccer league since grad school and we're about to finish up the season which means that we'll be taking new rosters if anyone is interested in joining the league.  This is not a fantasy league...  It is based on totally artificial players and teams.


The league is run by a friend of mine from Finland and includes players from all over North American and Eurasia.  Each manager builds a roster of (fake) players using rules for roster creation.  Players are a collection of about 10 statistics, most of which are visible to the manager (natural position, skill level, fitness level, special traits).  Managers are responsible for player development, weekly tactical decisions and resource management.  Match results are text-based descriptions of the game which look like a commentator's play-by-play.


The league focuses on maintaining a top-11 roster with subs to cover suspensions and injuries (reports include top-15 but that is not necessarily the best way to look at it).  Tactical decisions and scouting are based on breaking down the information in the match reports, box scores and public matches that occur to estimate and predict other coaches.



If you think you might be interested, let me know and I can provide more information and some example match reports and rosters so you can get a better picture of how the league works and what managers do.


New rosters are accepted all the time but Season XXI will begin in mid- or late-January so now is a particularly good time to join if anyone decides that they are interested.

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