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finally a break approaches...

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so i have finals next week but after that i have freedom for a few weeks and would love to get some games in with any folks that feel up to it.  really want to test out my 2500 beast-heavy monster mash legion list.  also get back to some dwarf action(i miss them...).  let me know if anyone wants to play either some silly games or stronger list games(ill make lists accordingly).  cheers and happy holidays!


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yea i prefer no weird magic phase as well.  uh which version of malekith?  you're not thinking the 20" ethereal move one on crack....... that would be a quick game lol.  we can play this following weekend if either of you want!  ill be bringing a list with a lvl4 beasts, festus, big unit of MoN gor, ungor MoS chaff, the jerk bull, bsb exalted on mount and sprinkle in some monsters(chimera, giant MoN, ghorgon)!  its not weak or too strong, so should be fun to play against i think.

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