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OFCC 2015 Head of Gaming Announcements

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The Heads of Gaming for the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2015 have been selected.


There were many thoughtful and well written submissions and I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry.  Orchestration of an event of this size is a thankless task and having people wanting to step up and help shows that this club is developing into an organization with a lot of room to grow.


The Warhammer Fantasy Team Event Head of Gaming:

John Kersey (Sylvos)


The Warhammer 40k Team Event Head of Gaming:


Joel Talley (BigTal)



Once again I want to thank everyone who submitted an entry.  We will be posting the rules packs for the team events as soon as the venue has been decided and scheduled.  There will also be various resources provided to captains and players through out the year in order to make running and participating in this event as smooth and fun as possible.


For the Good of the Order!




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