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Best book for British Paratroopers?


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Hi !

Let me just say you picked a great army to build. Brit paras are my

Go-to carved out of wood tough as nails nut crackers.

Good for defense and great for attack ( night fight! ) + Gammon bombs!

So, get yourself the new Market Garden supplement book and

You'll find some really awesome lists? Why this book over Overlord?

A couple good points:

John Frost: this warrior, much like the real guy, was a bad ass.

The 75mm pack howitzer battery. 250 for 8 guns and for a mere 60 extra points you can buy medium gun support, giving you AT 5 FP +2!!!

When conducting a repeat bombardment. If you use the double wide template ... It's wonderful. King Tigers don't like being under it.


Late 6 pdr AT guns! These things rock! In an airlanding list you can have three platoons of four. That's 12 AT 11 ROF 3 and 4+ FP, and HE!

Tanks or soft targets melt quick , esp in ambush!


You can include Glider Pilots... Even more elite than the regular para.

Aittle pricy but worth it for brutal assaults.

I hate to say but unless I'm doing a themed thing , I'll take my paras from

MGARDEN any day.

Ask anything as I've painted and based a million paras and used them in

Many tournaments. I also have many bits if you ever need stuff.

Ok, go get that book! ($30)



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