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Can DA take Reclusiam Command Squad?


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Nope, not DA. Though bigger question, why do you want that formation? I've looked at it a few times, it's really expensive and doesn't add much.


Minimum cost is like 315pts for 6 guys and a razor. You gain the crusader rule and re-rolls to hit in every melee round, but only for them. I've found command squads lacking in melee due to their maximum squad size of 5 models. The chappy is a regular chappy, not an interrogator chappy, so he's lacking in profile too.

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Because I have an awesomely painted Seraphicus, a DA company champ from two editions back, and I thought hey, if they can dakka banner, why not for Apocalypse?

Can't do it. Reclusiam Command Squad is specific for "Company Standards" only, so you can't actually take any of the special standards, even the SM standard of the emperor.


As for company champions, you could do all of the above without a the formation. The formation itself costs 25pts in addition to the models.

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I guess I'll have to think about it. Do a fair bit of Apoc- I know, anything goes- but the rise of formations appeals to my inner need to organize.


My DAs have an extra chaplain on foot (only problem with that Seraphicus model, the backpack's molded to the cape), and a command squad that either attaches to that chaplain for a formation or attaches to Azrael and four captains for a different formation.

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You're still free to make custom detachments using the "unbound" format, if the point is only organization.


As for the above, you can get all the benefits of the above with the DA codex like this:


Unbound DA detachment


Command Squad


-Company Champion

-Veteran with Revered Standard (25pts, same effects as the SM standard, plus adds crusader to those within 6" and adds 1 to assault results)

-2 other vets

-Dedicated Razorback


Not point changes. Only loss is that the chappy doesn't add rerolls to hit in rounds after the first, plus no SM chapter tactics (keeps DA grim resolve, though)

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Followup for those with this formation- can they buy bikes?

Codex SM? Yes, you can entirely bike mount them. This formation doesn't even force you to field any of the models together. The chappy could be in TDA, while the command squad in on bikes in another area of the table. The Razor too.


That said, the re-rolls to hit in every round is only for "models" in the formation, so that only affects the above 6 models. The crusader rule does get conferred to units with at least 1 model with crusader, so that one does get shared if you split the formation.


As DA, they can't take the formation, so moot point. If you were to house rule it, the command squad can't take bikes, only the RW command squad can, so you'd need to house rule that too.


If your talking about the above DA unit pretending to be the formation, yeah, you can do it. It will be much more expensive than the SM version, and much much more awesome, as the RW command squad uses the RW knights for the default model.

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