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Sunday, YES!

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Humm..would love to get a game in but I don't have 2500 UL built yet..well the stuff built wouldnt leave much to summon.


Sooo..would anyone be interested in taking on 2500 points of OnG`s that may just be pulling lots of dead stuff out of the ground and trying to throw it in your face??


Oh and this would be my first WHFB game over 1500 points:)

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Wish I had a flying Boss and more chariots,heh


Ill be bringing my DD`s though and probably spam some NG shammies to test out more summoning spell uses,mostly just to block/chaff with.


I fully expect to be stomped but would still like to get a close up look at what the games like at 2500 points:)



You guys using the new Magic rules or the old ones? Don't have my book yet but the rules for them seem pretty well played out on the forums here so ill go either way on it.

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My suggestion to you, if you're going to spam NG shammies for summoning would be to bring a unit of 3 Vargheists (if you have them).  I believe the base casting value allows you to get 3 and upgrade one to a unit champ.

Fer sure!


Ive got Varghiests,Crypt Horrors,min group of BK`s with full command,min group of Hexwraiths,all of these fall right into the point values for the various Lore of Undead spells.


For Chaffing I have Spirit hosts,Direwolves,Zombies and Skellies even just picked up some Crypt Ghouls.


These and Ive got a fair selection of models for Hero summoning.


And I may even try a trick with a scroll caddy shaman to bring out a Mortis engine or a Casket of souls.


All potentially fun stuff to get out there but im sure ill likely get shut down magic wise and quickly removed from the board,lol



But really for the true power of a summoning list I need to get my Nagash Built,the Terrorghiest built and pick up and assemble the Hierotitan from a Warsphinx kit,then complete up the rest of the summoning units.This because to really wreck [big bad swear word] with summoning you need to be using Nagash with his 3x point values and 36" range allowing me to put stuff like 15 BKs with a magic banner right into the ass end of an opponents army..that and things like Sepulcher Stalkers or a Tomb Banshee right in the face of enemy siege engines turn one...which ya kinda have to do to try and keep Nagash from getting cannoned off the board in the first couple turns.

Anyhow,,ive still got a few more models to pick up and lots of building/painting before im to that point,heh.

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see GOOD thing i was using all my copters and bombers and most of my artillery lol.  those would have been destroye ha.  thorgrim is still together and my other canon is fine.  just need to reglue the dragon slayer and thats it.  all good :) yea that game with raindog was nutts.  a lot of weird luck back a forth.  i dont think ill see the day when 10 pathetic quarrlers get flanked by 5 wildriders and eventually win and run them down... just plain dumb lol. i like the list.  so my list is a 11.6 with all steam guns.  i take a single steam gun switch to brimstone and its 13 which ill print out my stinking list and remind myself cause i NEVER take brimstone gun cause its lame... but if it shaves of 1.4 comp its totally worth it.  good game peanut and raindog.  peanut, i appologize for the dirty flame canon.  that FC had so much fun that game it decided to blow up first turn the next game ;)

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I had a fun time and got to see what the game is like at 2500 points which really didn't seem too much different than the 1500 points I was used to:)


Though now that ive had a chance to think about how It played out with my summoning attempts and all that stuff..I think next time I will make sure and use the Night Goblin Shamans EXTRA D6 FROM THE MAGIC MUSHROOM!!!

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