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OFCC 2015

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Sylvos, congrats on HoG.


As this year there was a bid process would you be able to spoil the point value that is being used this year? with the holidays being upon us I have a rare chance to get some craft time in and would like to use it prepping for next year. I know your post mentioned getting the full rules pack out soon but I'm like a little kid at Xmas who can't wait to get to it.


it's cool if you'd rather wait, just thought I'd ask.

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For what it's worth, I'm hoping that OFCC keeps the higher point cap that distinguished it from other tournaments (in addition to other things). 2,800 is a really fun points level that you don't get to play very often. 2400 or 2500 wouldn't encourage anyone to do anything but tweak their regular tournament lists to hit the Swedish limit (especially since lots of players are practicing nasty Swedish lists for the Masters circuit).

In regard to Swedish, I've seen this handled really well in a couple ways: 1) is to just bump the starting value up from 300 to 350; 2) is to give people something like a 300 point allowance to spend on Storm of Magic / Monstrous Arcanum monsters that don't factor into comp. That's both too little to get some of the really broken monsters (emperor dragons and flying k'daii destroyers) while still encouraging people to take some big gribblies.

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Hello Drak,


I am meeting with the HoG for 40k this Tuesday and we are going to get a OFCC 2015 Team event packet out as soon as we can but I do not foresee it going out before the 1st of the year.  


When we have finalized our venue and determined the maximum amount of players that the venue can support, we will then be able to release the event packets with full details outlining the next year's event.


In regards to the appointment of HoG's - we had 3 submissions for HoG for Fantasy this year.  As I am unable to self-select for the Team Event as I am the Campaign Czar (who is the one responsible for determining HoG and etc..), we had our Consul Bryan make the decision.  


It hurts nothing to let everyone know that we will be using 2500 points.  That is all I will say until we get it all out!

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