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Is this as close to a Star Destroyer that I will get in an X-wing Game?

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I thought the game was 1:270 scale, wouldn't that put it at like 20ft? 



Oh yeah, the larger ships they've been scaling down even more.  Even then, a 6ft ISD would be like 1:875, which i don't think is the scale the Corvette and Medium Transport are.



Regardless, yes, there are the reasons for the smaller "Capital" ships being the limit of what we see in the game.  Sadly.

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For me, the hardship in purchasing it or the Big rebel ships is much like FW or Super Heavies/Apoc in pre-7th ed.  How often are you likely going to use it?  If it's mostly house/pick up games, I'd go for it.  If you just like the model and plan on having it on display because you have 100 bucks laying around to spend on plastic to just sit there....although that sounds suspiciously like most of my plastic, just sitting there....lol  


I'm holding off on the big ships, myself, for those reasons.  If I'm going to drop 100+ on something right now, I'd rather get a couple board games to engage more of my non-gamer friends.  Which I think is most of them.  Hmm.  Yeah, none of the people I regularly hang out with play 40k.  A couple of them play X-Wing with me.  We're trying to get a (board) Gaming group together.  Thankfully several have experience with Ticket to Ride and Munchkin, non-standard RISK, etc.  

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When I was at Gencon last year, I talked to the VP of Marketing from FFG.  He's an old friend and co-worker.


They had shown the corvette a while ago and I said if they could give me a Star Destroyer it would make me super happy.  He told me that they had done the math and it wouldn't fit on the table at all.  He said that if we had an old card table, something that was 2'x4' that it might work as the base to float it on.


However, also at Gencon, they played some games of X-wing on boards that resembled the Death Star sections.  I thought that was pretty awesome.

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"Window" shopping Imperial Ships at 2 in the morning is never a good idea.


My wallet cringes lol

I feel bad becuase I found a site where I can preorder the core and the full first wave for $206. I normally would rather support my LGSs but this is a Big savings.


Miniature Market in case you were wondering. Just add everything to your cart.


I believe Amazon discovered their mistake. Armada was not there last night when I was looking around.

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