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6 minutes ago, InfestedKerrigan said:

I've wanted an infinity mirror SG at 28mm forevs.  Almost started a Gould eldar army in 5th ed.  Awesome to see the scale actualized. 

A company out of the UK, Cold War Miniatures, had a license to produce Stargate SG-1 miniatures in 28 mm scale. They looked great, but apparently have been out of production forever...




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Okay... So I pride myself on knowing all there is to know about useless wargaming trivia, useless historical trivia, and useless British television production trivia. Imagine my delight when I discovered something new that was all three simultaneously!

Apparently, back in 1978, the Tyne Tees Television franchise (the local ITV broadcaster in northeast England) created six-part series called Battleground. Each half-hour length episode gave an overview of a historical battle, talked briefly about the terrain and the tactics, and other such documentary details. Then a pair of gamers would refight the battle using 28 mm scale miniatures on a beautifully built table! 

Unfortunately, it seems like YouTube won't allow me to embed the videos here. But someone has uploaded all of them to the internet. Here's the introduction to the first episode and here's the rest of that episode (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3) covering the Battle of Edgehill in 1643. 

The footage is quite grainy, the sound is a bit wobbly, and the pacing is a bit slow... But, despite that, the shows a great time capsule look at the yesteryear of our hobby.   

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