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Looking for a good spray red


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As the topic suggests, I'm looking for a good spray paint for basing red armies, blood Angels in particular.


Store bought, nice flat finish, good coverage, able to take GW washes, and highlight back up well.


The crylons I've tried either end up slightly glossy and require a matte coat, or lack the desired color.


Air brush is 'do-able' but tedious, so something out of a can would be gold :)


Help me ordo-wan-kenobi, you're my only hope :)

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I like Rustoleum but one thing I notice is that good finishes with bright colors are more about application that brand name. Red, for instance, rarely looks great sprayed on directly. I like to hit surfaces with white first, then a bit of yellow and finally red over the top of that. This gives me the bright, opaque red that I'm after. 

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