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H: lizard men W: a few things


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I have the following Lizardman lot. I would be interested in tk, vc, chaos(tzeentch), or (chaos)dwarves. Would also consider a warmahordes offer that isn't ret, skorne or circle.


Slann (Painted)


2x skink Priests (1x Painted


Saurus Scar Vet (Painted)


Carnosaur (Painted)






Basilidon (Painted)






3x Ripperdactyls (Mostly painted)


4x Swarms


4x Kroxigor (3x Painted)


15x Cold One Knights (10x painted 3x Commands)


30x Temple Guard ( 23 x painted)


60x Saurus mix of spears and hand weapons


68x Skinks mix of javelins and blow guns


5x Chameleon Skins


Lizardman High Magic Cards $10


Total Retail $1071

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