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End Times: Thanquol

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From Birdy via Darnok over at warseer:

quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Birdy
10th (preorders Fri 2nd) is a blood angels army box with perhaps a new clam pack character in called the sanguine strike force for 105 GBP don't know contents though plus the new vermin lord.

17th Thanquol end times book and mini

24th new unit, armoured rat ogres called stormfiends plus clam pack warlord and grey seer and re release of old I think in metal oddly warlock engineers

Merry Christmas-Christmas.

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So how will these new models not follow the rules I wonder. Seriously we don't need a new Skaven army book we just need a rule book to explain how Skaven play.


It will be good to see some fresh Skaven models. I like the look and fluff of the Skaven even if I don't like how Skaven are playing by a whole different rules set then the rest of the armies. :tongue:


Though I will say that with all the fluff I have read of the Skaven they would never be able to take and hold the Empire for long. They would kill each other and hide like cowards from the first real threat that showed up.

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