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7E Rules for Eldar Phoenix Bomber…where?


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I just picked up the Phoenix Bomber… (some of the final parts of my corsair list are coming together  :biggrin:)


I have AI:11 but am wondering if there are newer rules or more current rules in some other book that I need to look at.  I not sure if there is some other 6th or 7th book that it was later published in which may have more current rules for it.  I did pick up the FW pdf that has some rules addendum / changes for 7th (I think its for 7th) But it just shows base line changes - not the full profile of the aircraft.


Anyhow, if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome.



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i find conflicting information on it… and if someone has the books then they could compare it.  I have seen the lists which state the later books (IA:Apoc 3rd & IA:Aero) are the latest rules for what I am looking at.  But I have also read at least in 2 places that state that the rules for the bomber are the same as in the IA:11 book.  So - basically I would need to see both books to compare then - discounting the internet posters.  Otherwise I have to assume that I would need to get the rules from those newer books.  


I will keep looking - thanks pax

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