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H: PP Mercenary Highborn Army W: Fantasy Army/$$


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Hey everyone I wanted to post this here first but I have a Mercenary army I just won't be using. I wanted to trade it for a fantasy army and or cash..perhaps in even both. Much of this army is NIB or just assembled. Tell me what you think.





Captain Damiano

Morrow Caster (Forgot her name)



Heavy Warjack kit w/ all parts also a metal upgrade kit for the special Steelhead Heavy


Talon (no head)

Nomad (metal)

Mule (Metal)



Steallhead Full unit X2

Steelhead Riflemen Just short of 2 Full Units units aka 18 guys

Percursors Full Unit w/ UA

Sam and Devil Dogs Full unit

Horgenhold Forgeguard Full Unit

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages Full Unit

Tactical Arcainist Corps

Horgehold Artillary Corps X2




Steelhead Cav Full Unit



Gun Mage Officer

Madelyn Corbeau

Gobber Speculator

Sylys The Seeker

Eiryss P1


Stannis Brocker

Piper of Ord


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