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Ork Warbikers vs Stormboys


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so I just got a Christmas gift card in the mail from my lovely mother and have to make the big decision on what to spend it on.  So i'm going to blow it on some new models.  So far I'm thinking of either picking up some storm boyz or some warbikers.  Anyone have any insight on pro's and con's for these guys.  I like the way both of them look and both seem to fill the same roll in an army.  So ya I suck at making my own decisions so help me out pls.

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Warbikers are pretty tough, shoot a lot harder than you'd expect, and are still more than decent in melee for their points. Stormboyz are a lot cheaper per model, but tend to be rather suicidal (even when the enemy doesn't do anything) and aren't quite as fast. I like Stormboyz more visually and thematically, but I think Warbikes are a superior game choice. Be warned, though, you'll need quite a lot of them (at least nine or twelve) to get any real use out of them, so if you don't want to sink the $$$ for a large squad or three then you might be better off with the Stormboyz.

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