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Gauging interest: Imperial Assault & Armada


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So FFG is kicking ass with the Star Wars license.  As most of you probably know, they've come out with two more Star Wars Table top games, Imperial Assault and Armada.


Imperial Assault is the more 'traditional' tactical table top game:




Armada is, to my understanding, the Epic version of X-wing.  I am excited to try them both out, but I would like to know if I would have any opponents :D.  Actually, in the spirit of full disclosure, I already have the green light for Armada, STAR DESTROYER  STAR DESTROYER  STAR DESTROYER  STAR DESTROYER  STAR DESTROYER :D.

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If anyone is just looking to play some skirmish level Star Wars, I can bring my Star Wars CMG stuff down.  I've got well over a thousand models, mostly Rebels and Imperials (I will bury you in Stormtroopers), but I've got most of the Republic and Seperatist models too.  And I've got the AT-AT, plus tons of mission books and maps.  It's not the most deep game in the world, but it's pretty fun.  And I'd rather play that than buy another Star Wars theme skirmish game.

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